What is ‘Beta Mode’

Beta Mode means we’re not quite finished. There may be errors and mistakes being made. But there will also be rapid improvements and experimentation. ‘Beta’ means we get s**t done and don’t worry about perfection.

Total Podcast embraces Beta Mode and it’ll probably always be this way.

Of course, we can tell you the core of this product (which is hosting and distributing your podcast world wide) will always work and we won’t mess around with that.

The stuff around the edges…

…the beta…

that’s the fun bit.

Development log

08 June 2020 / v1.3
Features added:
Change made: Account page change to Your Podcast, Your podcast and Upload page given considerable update

07 June 2020 / v1.2
Features added: Account page, Upload page

06 June 2020 / v1.1
Features added: Beta Mode description, Development log

01 June 2020 / v1.0
Features added: Home page